Is Erectile Dysfunction getting you down? Here are a few things you should know

Viagra is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, helping to increase blood flow in the penis and can help men with erectile dysfunction to achieve and maintain a satisfactory erection for sexual activity. Once sexual activity is complete, the penile blood flow slows and the erection ends. For Viagra to work, sexual arousal is required, so a man will not have an erection just by taking a Viagra pill without sexual stimulation. It is noteworthy that the drug Viagra acts on average from 30 minutes and may have action for up to 36 hours. 

Viagra is presented as coated tablets, in packs containing 2, 4, 8 and 12

tablets and is not suitable for men who do not have erectile dysfunction or for patients who are allergic to any of the tablet components and do not have special recommendations and warningsto the use of the drug by the elderly. Viagra should be administered with caution to those patients who have one of the following health problemsheart problemsheart failure, irregular heartbeat or heart attacklow pressure or uncontrolled high pressurestrokeliver problemskidney problems or requiring dialysisstomach ulcersbleeding problems or penile deformation. 

Rare cases of vision loss have been reported in men taking erectile dysfunction medicationsincluding Viagra , which occurs due to disruption of blood flow to the optic nervewith a higher risk of people with diabetes, high blood pressureincreased cholesterolheart disease and smokers. Viagra should also be used with caution in patients who have lactose intolerance as it contains lactose in its compositionAnd the recommended maximum daily dose of Viagra is 20 mg taken before sex and independent of mealsTherefore, its use is on demand. 

In clinical studies, the following adverse reactions with the use of Viagra have been reported, the most common being headache effects, but some other adversities are also common, such as back pain, dizziness, stomach upset, redness of the face, muscle pain. and nasal congestion. The rarest conditions caused by the drug in its users are hypersensitivity reactions, severe bullous-shaped inflammatory skin redness, hives, severe cardiovascular events including myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death, stroke, chest pain, palpitations and beating. heart failure, and these are the rarest causes reported by post-sale patients and are reported by most patients with pre-existing cardiovascular risk factors. 

Viagra has its 20 mg version costing $ 35.38 the 10 pill package and $ 35.11 its 10 mg version containing 10 pills. Already the 20 pill package in its 20mg version is costing $ 47.83, and the 10mg version also containing 20 pills costs $ 45.67. The most expensive version of the drug, contains 360 pills and in its versions with compositions of 20 mg and 10 mg, cost $ 471.24 and $ 404.49 respectively.
To sum up, Viagra is a drug indicated for men who have erectile dysfunction, increasing the flow of blood in the penis and allowing the man who has this difficulty to have sex. However, just like any medicine of this type, it is important and necessary to consult a doctor before use as complications can occur in people who have a pre-existing problem. 

For the erection to worksildenafilthe Viagra componentneeds to increase blood flow to the penisThis same compoundalthough to a lesser extentis also used in medicines that fight pulmonary hypertensionAccording to data from the NHS, the UK health serviceat least two-thirds of men who use the drug say it works and causes an erection. 

There are alternative treatments to Viagra for impotence. 

There are medicines that work similarly to Viagrasuch as CialisThere is also a vasodilator drug called Alprostadilwhich helps stimulate blood flow to the penis. It is sold as injection and suppository. A medical appointment is recommended prior to this treatmentOn the other handthere are erection dysfunctions caused by endocrine problems that can be treated with injectable male hormones. 

It is recommended that the patient stop taking Viagra and consult a doctor in the following cases: if you have chest pain, if you have prolonged erections, if there is a sudden loss of vision, if there is a severe skin reaction, which may be accompanied by fever, peeling, swelling and blisters. 

Losing My Shit: Life with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There is a common disorder of the large intestines called Irritable Bowel Syndrome, otherwise known as IBS.  Some of the symptoms of IBS are cramping, abdominal pain,  gas, bloating,  and diarrhea or constipation, or both.  IBS  is something that must be managed long term, as it is a chronic condition.  However, only a small number of people will have severe symptoms and signs of IBS.  Some people are able to control these symptoms through managing their diet, their lifestyle, and controlling stress.  Those who experience more severe symptoms can  be treated with with  medication and counseling.  Having IBS does not increase people’s chances of having colorectal cancer and it doesn’t cause changes in the bowel tissue.

Common signs of IBS

While the symptoms and/or signs of IBS can vary from person to person, the most common ones are abdominal pain, cramping, or bloating that is usually, or partially relieved after having a bowel movement.  Also, excess gas is very common, and diarrhea or constipation, or alternating bouts of both diarrhea and constipation.  Another common sign is mucus in the stool.  People should consult their physician if they experience a persistent change in their bowel habits or other signs or symptoms of IBS.  These symptoms may indicate a much more serious condition, such as colon cancer.  More serious symptoms can include weight loss, diarrhea at night, rectal bleeding, iron deficiency bleeding, unexplained vomiting, difficulty swallowing, or persistent pain that is not relieved by either passing gas, or having a bowel movement.

While the exact causes of IBS are not yet known, there are several known factors that may play a role. Some of these factors include muscles contractions in the intestines.  The walls of the intestines are lined with many muscles that contract as they move food along the digestive tract. Contractions that are stronger than normal and last longer can cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

On the other hand, weak intestinal contractions can slow down the passage of food and result in hard, dry stools

Another common factor has to do with the nervous system.  Abnormalities in the nerves in the digestive system can cause people to experience greater than normal discomfort when the abdomen stretches from gas or stool. When there are poorly coordinated signals between the brain and the intestines, this can cause the body to overreact to changes that normally occur during the digestive process, which can then result in pain, diarrhea, or constipation.  Another factor associated with IBS is inflammation in the intestines.  Some people with IBS can have an  increased number of immune-system cells in their intestines, and this immune system response is associated with pain and diarrhea.  An additional factor for IBS is severe infection.  IBS can develop from a bacteria or virus that causes a severe episode of diarrhea, or gastroenteritis.  Also, IBS can be associated with a bacterial overgrowth in the intestines,  which is a surplus of bacteria.  In addition, changes in the bacteria in the gut (microflora) can be a factor. Microflora are the “good” bacteria that live in the intestines and play a key role in overall health.  There is research that indicates that people with IBS have microflora that is different than the microflora in healthy people.

Some of the triggers of IBS are food, stress, and  hormones

While the role of food allergies, or food intolerance in IBS isn’t completely understood, many people with IBS experience worse symptoms when they eat or drink particular foods or beverages, such as wheat, dairy products, citrus fruits, beans, cabbage, milk, and carbonated drinks.  Also, while stress doesn’t necessarily cause IBS, it can greatly aggravate symptoms, and the majority of people with IBS experience worse or more frequent symptoms during times of extreme stress.  Hormones may play a role also, as women are twice as likely  to experience IBS.  Many women find the symptoms of IBS get worse either during, or around the time of their menstrual periods. Some of the risk factors associated with having IBS are as follows: people are more likely to have IBS if they are young, under 50, are female, and have had estrogen therapy before or after menopause, or have a family history of IBS.

Genes may play a role, and shared factors in a family’s environment, or a combination of both genes and environment

Another risk factor appears to be mental health problems. IBS is associated with having depression. anxiety, or other mental health issues.  Finding ways to deal with, or reduce stress may help prevent, or ease the symptoms of IBS.  Counseling, biofeedback, progressive relaxation exercises, and mindfulness training, are some of the techniques that can help reduce stress and ease the symptoms of IBS.

How to cure ED : Differents types of medications and techniques

One of the biggest fears of men in Australia is impotence also known as erectile dysfunction. It is not easy for any man, from any part of the world, to accept that he has dysfunction problems and much less go to a doctor to seek treatment. The number one mistake of men in Australia is to find a solution for ED.

Who can suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) in Australia?

Mostly men between 35 and 75 are the ones most affected by erectile dysfunction in Australia. It is not common to see young men, under 30 with ED problems, but there are cases of young men with impotence problems.

One of the serious consequences of suffering ED is poor sexual performance. That is why men feel repressed if they suffer from this condition. But good news is that this condition is treatable with good treatment. In addition, only 10% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction in Australia cannot have a full erection.

What can cause erectile dysfunction?

The causes are diverse. Doctor John Rogers from mention a combination between physical problems and psychological problems. In the physical problems of a man we can mention causes such as: Diabetes, blood pressure, chronic diseases with strong treatments, excessive masturbation, damage to the nerves of the penis.

As for the psychological causes related to this condition, some specialists mention: fear of women, disappointment between reality and things seen in movies or pornographic material (addiction to pornography), pressure from society or family to get a partner among others.

Lack of sex could also be described as a cause of ED, but at the same time it is mentioned that low testosterone levels affect men and their performance in bed.

Who can tell me if I am suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Luckily in Australia doctors specializing in erectile dysfunction are available in all hospitals and clinics. Urologists are the most suitable for diagnosing erectile dysfunction, but if you need extra help you can call the phone number 1-800-022-222. That service is Healthdirect, a government program for the help of the timely diagnosis of any condition.

Apart from seeking professional help, you can take an exam to find out if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Usually this condition occurs when the man will have sexual contact with another person. Check this list to see if you suffer from ED:

– You can’t keep an erection completely
– Despite having intense foreplay you don’t get an erection
– You can only have an erection with own stimulation (masturbation or pornography)
– Oral sex does not help you have an erection
– If you achieve an erection, your penis remains 50% flaccid

What is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Doctors recommend the use of drugs such as Viagra or Kamagra. These two drugs are the most common treatments for men who want to have a normal sex life. For other men who need to have a better sexual performance by having multiple partners the best drug for erectile dysfunction is Cialis. This drug offers a greater effect of up to 36 hours in most users.

For alternative treatments there are multiple options. These treatments are recommended for men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction completely. Since some cases are less aggressive. Among the alternative treatments are:

– Choose material for adults to stimulate the relationship between couples
– Test different sexual positions in bed where the man is dominant
– Use extenders or special sex toys to improve penis stimulation
– The message in the penis without ejaculating is an exercise for the limb muscle.
– Lead a healthy life free of alcohol and drugs

The treatments will be effective depending on the type of erectile dysfunction. For example, some men find it better to use a drug than to look for more expensive alternatives or treatments with a specialist.

Is it possible to overcome erectile dysfunction?

The definitive cure is unlikely, but the treatment is almost a cure. With a good treatment man will not notice that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Obviously the problem of finding a good treatment is due to the health of men. The majority of men who suffer more severe cases of erectile dysfunction in Australia are over 60 years old, and at that age changing the routine of life for a treatment is usually much more complicated.

Viagra: How the Little Blue Pill Changed Australia’s Sex Life

That buying drugs from poorly controlled stores on the internet is a risk is fairly well known

But it does not seem to be enough to discourage consumers, especially those who use the web to procure Viagra, Cialis and other drugs for erectile dysfunction. These are precisely the protagonists of much of the market. And then it can be useful to know that within the famous blue tablet, when it arrives at home in a reassuring and anonymous package purchased online, there can be anything. A real Russian roulette. From a pill that contains only one eighth of the declared active ingredient, to one that replaces it with paracetamol. In both cases – apart from the fact that it will not work – not bad. Much worse goes to those who find themselves swallowing a tablet that has several times more of the active ingredient and can seriously put their health at risk.

This is what Swissmedic reports, which analyzed confiscated products in Switzerland in its laboratory and announced the results

Almost half of the samples tested were of poor quality, did not contain what was declared on the packages and most of the preparations had not been dosed correctly. One of the products contained only one eighth of the declared active ingredient quantity, while another contained two and a half times the indicated dose. Six samples analyzed for a preparation with the suffix “Super Active” were all strongly underdosed. Seven products contained the wrong active ingredient (other PDE5 inhibitors used to treat erectile dysfunction) and a formulation was contaminated with other substances such as paracetamol.

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To frighten the fact that more than one product out of ten contained an overdose of the active ingredient compared to what was declared, in one case one tablet also contained 80 mg of active ingredient, four times the maximum daily dose or sixteen times the recommended amount for administration low dose daily.

These overdoses are particularly worrying because the human body degrades this active ingredient slowly. Higher dosages are no longer effective, they simply increase the risks of unwanted side effects (such as a drop in blood pressure or hypersensitivity reactions). And especially in people who have risk factors, they can be the cause of very serious accidents, with heart rate disorders and even myocardial infarction.

One type of Viagra will be made available without a prescription in the UK and some experts say that Australia should consider doing the same.

Key points:

  • Studies show that there are 1,800 illegal internet pharmacies online
  • They can sell tablets with not enough or too much active ingredient
  • Viagra is the most counterfeit medicine in the world
  • Dr. Nial Wheate, senior professor at the University of Sydney, said she could reduce the number of people buying counterfeit versions of Viagra, which can be dangerous for consumers.
    “One of the things we have to ask ourselves in Australia is, should we do it ourselves?” He said.

Dr. Wheate said that many men who are unable to obtain a prescription go to the Internet or to sex shops to buy drugs for erectile dysfunction.

“Being able to make it available in Australia through pharmacies will help mitigate that risk”

Viagra: What men are saying about it? Does it really make a difference?

Viagra Australia

Sildenafil Pharmacy

Viagra is one of the well-known drugs available on the market to treat erectile dysfunction

The drug is heavily sought out due to its ability to reverse the effects that the condition erectile dysfunction brings about. Viagra was discovered in its early stages by accident as the drug company was attempting to develop a drug that aided I the maintenance of high blood pressure. Unfortunate results yield in the clinical phases for Viagra being able to manages high blood pressure. The drug actually had an adverse effect in that it interacted with nitrate found in other high blood pressure drug and consequently would cause the blood pressure to drop to very unsafe levels. The frequency in which the drug had to be taken also shows signs of a burden on patients. They drug yielded more consequences than benefits and was eventually ruled out as a high blood pressure drug. Among the adverse side effects were than of an erection in men. Pharmaceutical companies decided to explore the potential of the drug being used to treat sexual related conditions instead of the initial targeted illness. Testing ensued to test the effectiveness of Viagra to provide temporary relief for erectile dysfunction. In 1998, Viagra became an approved drug to prescribe and treat erectile dysfunction in the United States. Months later, Viagra obtained approval in Australia.

Viagra works in the body to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction by improving the blood flow in the penis to be able to obtain an erection

Erectile dysfunction is caused when the blood vessels in the body, especially the ones that are leading to the penis and within the penis becomes constricted to the point that blood pressure decrease and makes it impossible for an erection to occur. Viagra caused the muscles around the blood vessels to relax and allows the surface area to increase and thus allows the blood pressure to increase. When this happens then a successful erection may be obtained when a man becomes sexually stimulated. It is important that men taking Viagra understand that they must be sexually stimulated before see the effects of the drug. Viagra will not act on its own after consumption.

Viagra is sold in tablet form in doses that range between 25 to 100 milligrams

Men usually start out with a lower dosage to observe how they will react to the drug. Even though Viagra was once thought of as a possible drug to treat high blood pressure, it is not a high blood pressure drug. Men who take blood pressure medications may take Viagra as well but are strongly advised to do so under the guidance of a health care provider. Men that are on blood pressure medications should start off on dosages that are lower than the typical dosage range. A dosage of 20 milligram or less to start off is recommended for new users on high blood pressure drugs. Usually dosages are prescribed based on the man’s age and severity of their impotency.

The use of Viagra should not be taken multiple times a day

Viagra should be taken at a maximum of once in a 24 hour period. The drug needs at a minimum of 30 minutes before the drug becomes active and will enable the ability for an erection to occur. Viagra is recommended to be taken without food because food causes the drug to be absorbed by the body slowly.

Viagra without prescription online

Many men experience the challenge of not being able to obtain a prescription of Viagra due to other medical conditions that with have a severe adverse effect on the man. These men are left to either just deal with their erectile dysfunction condition or obtain Viagra in another way. In Australia, there is a popular and open market that allows for men to obtain Viagra at a low price and in a convenient way. Men are turning to the growing network of online pharmacies that are popping up everywhere online and are based out of Australia.

Buying Viagra online is a cheaper way to obtain it!

Obtaining Viagra in this manner allows for a man to have autonomy and flexibility with how much of the drug they would like to obtain. Viagra is heavily restricted in quantity when issued by a health care provider, but when men order online from Australia, they may obtain however much they would like of the drug.