Feeling Down? Here’s How You Can Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction

The subject of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is more and more becoming part of serious conversations versus the punchlines at social gatherings. Especially for those of us who were born in Australia and have lived an active lifestyle, ED can cause anxiety as well as a bit of embarrassment. I first experienced the inability to maintain an erection for sex at the age of 55. At first it occurred occasionally however within a year I was having a problem “just getting it up”! I also was starting to notice that my orgasms were less intense, the volume of ejaculate was greatly reduced and recovery time between erections was much longer.

As someone who uses the Internet quite a bit, I went online to see how common a problem this was among other men. I was quite surprised that over a million men in Australia were currently affected by ED. It also state that over 50% of all men between 40 and 70 reported that they suffered some degree of ED on a regular basis.
The next thing I did was to make an appointment with my doctor as my sex life was becoming non-existent (as least with someone else besides Hanna and her five finger friends!). At first I was worried that something was physically wrong with me however my doctor reported that all my tests had returned negative. When I brought up the subject of Erectile Dysfunction he was not the bit surprised and stated that he was seeing much more patients with this condition, and at a much younger age than previous years. He added that the major reasons why men suffered from ED was due to smoking, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

The obvious question in which I asked my doctor was what type of options I had besides becoming a Trappist monk

The most common solution that he recommended would be medications like sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis). These are normally prescribed in pill format and ingested orally. There are generic or “clone” versions available however these are very risky as the percentage of the active ingredients may not be accurate or they be counterfeits.
These medications primarily work by improving the circulation and retention of blood in the penis. They are effective but must be used with caution by those with certain medical conditions. Fortunately I did not have any related heart conditions or taking nitrate based medicines which greatly increases the chance of side effects or future complications.

Another option that the doctor said was available included the injection of a hormone directly into the side of the penis

I personally do not like needles so this was not something for me. Special vacuum devices were also available and for those who want to “go all in”, special pump-like devices can be surgically inserted into the penis, allowing you to turn an erection on and off as you desired. I always wondered how those pornographic “studs” were able to get and stay hard in front of all the cameras.

The last option which was presented involved consoling to include the participation of your partner

I guess if I had acted sooner this may have been a viable choice however my significant was no longer with me!

The decision thus was fairly easy for me and I accepted the prescription for Viagra pills

The doctor reminded me that these pills would greatly assist me getting and keeping an erection however they were not “magically”. In other words I would still need to keep myself felt and more important get the sexual stimuli which I was accustomed to in the past.

There was a pharmacy located in a nearby shopping mall so I decided to pick up the meds the following day

The prescription was for up to 20 pills at 10 mg a shot. Unfortunately these were not covered by my insurance however the cost was small compared to not being able to engage in sex which I had been missing for almost a year.

That very next weekend I got decked out and went to visit one of the more popular clubs in Sydney

I hooked up with a very pretty young native girl and ended up taking her to my place after a few dances and just a couple of drinks. The Viagra did its job and along side my newly regained confidence, was able to put a big smile on my face as well as the young lass I was with.

My advice to all those who are experiencing ED is to check in with your doctor and find the right treatment which fits you

Life is too short and you need to enjoy it (to include sex) for as long as you are able to!