How to cure ED : Differents types of medications and techniques

One of the biggest fears of men in Australia is impotence also known as erectile dysfunction. It is not easy for any man, from any part of the world, to accept that he has dysfunction problems and much less go to a doctor to seek treatment. The number one mistake of men in Australia is to find a solution for ED.

Who can suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) in Australia?

Mostly men between 35 and 75 are the ones most affected by erectile dysfunction in Australia. It is not common to see young men, under 30 with ED problems, but there are cases of young men with impotence problems.

One of the serious consequences of suffering ED is poor sexual performance. That is why men feel repressed if they suffer from this condition. But good news is that this condition is treatable with good treatment. In addition, only 10% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction in Australia cannot have a full erection.

What can cause erectile dysfunction?

The causes are diverse. Doctor John Rogers from mention a combination between physical problems and psychological problems. In the physical problems of a man we can mention causes such as: Diabetes, blood pressure, chronic diseases with strong treatments, excessive masturbation, damage to the nerves of the penis.

As for the psychological causes related to this condition, some specialists mention: fear of women, disappointment between reality and things seen in movies or pornographic material (addiction to pornography), pressure from society or family to get a partner among others.

Lack of sex could also be described as a cause of ED, but at the same time it is mentioned that low testosterone levels affect men and their performance in bed.

Who can tell me if I am suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Luckily in Australia doctors specializing in erectile dysfunction are available in all hospitals and clinics. Urologists are the most suitable for diagnosing erectile dysfunction, but if you need extra help you can call the phone number 1-800-022-222. That service is Healthdirect, a government program for the help of the timely diagnosis of any condition.

Apart from seeking professional help, you can take an exam to find out if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Usually this condition occurs when the man will have sexual contact with another person. Check this list to see if you suffer from ED:

– You can’t keep an erection completely
– Despite having intense foreplay you don’t get an erection
– You can only have an erection with own stimulation (masturbation or pornography)
– Oral sex does not help you have an erection
– If you achieve an erection, your penis remains 50% flaccid

What is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Doctors recommend the use of drugs such as Viagra or Kamagra. These two drugs are the most common treatments for men who want to have a normal sex life. For other men who need to have a better sexual performance by having multiple partners the best drug for erectile dysfunction is Cialis. This drug offers a greater effect of up to 36 hours in most users.

For alternative treatments there are multiple options. These treatments are recommended for men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction completely. Since some cases are less aggressive. Among the alternative treatments are:

– Choose material for adults to stimulate the relationship between couples
– Test different sexual positions in bed where the man is dominant
– Use extenders or special sex toys to improve penis stimulation
– The message in the penis without ejaculating is an exercise for the limb muscle.
– Lead a healthy life free of alcohol and drugs

The treatments will be effective depending on the type of erectile dysfunction. For example, some men find it better to use a drug than to look for more expensive alternatives or treatments with a specialist.

Is it possible to overcome erectile dysfunction?

The definitive cure is unlikely, but the treatment is almost a cure. With a good treatment man will not notice that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Obviously the problem of finding a good treatment is due to the health of men. The majority of men who suffer more severe cases of erectile dysfunction in Australia are over 60 years old, and at that age changing the routine of life for a treatment is usually much more complicated.